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Handle Crisis – Imogen PR. 900 KFC fast food restaurant outlets in the UK were closed due to a shortage of chickens, starting Monday, 19 February 2018, local time. The problem emerged at the end of last week after the restaurant chain transferred its delivery contract to DHL.

As an apology to disappointed customers, the management of the fried chicken restaurant placed a full-page ad in the Metro newspaper.

In the ad, you can see a photo of an empty KFC box with its distinctive red background. This is the brightest part, they boldly changed the KFC logo to FCK, which is actually a bad word in English: FUCK.

The way KFC apologized in the ad was praised by citizens because it was considered honest in apologizing for their mistakes.

Here’s the ad To Understand More About Handle Crisis:

“A chicken restaurant without chickens. This is not ideal. A deep sorry to all our customers, especially those who have headed to our restaurant and found us closed. Thanks are immeasurable to all KFC teams and our franchise partners who work tirelessly to improve the situation. It was a tense week, but we continue to improve, and now every day continues to grow fresh chicken sent to our restaurant. Thank you for staying with us “.

PR consultant Andrew Bloch wrote on Twitter, “KFC apologized by posting a full-page ad in today’s edition of Metro. A master class PR crisis management. “James Herring also wrote a similar twitter,” A perfect apology advertisement from KFC. “

This unique and brilliant action by KFC became viral, and was reported positively by many mass media in various parts of the world, including in USA Today, CNBC, Independent, and also the media in the country. Salute! This has become a case study about how handle crisis the PR crisis situation that is exemplary by many companies.

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