Repositioning Dentons HPRP asThought Leadership

Repositioning Dentons HPRP asThought Leadership


Law firm Hanafiah Ponggawa & Partners has joined the law firm Dentons to become Dentons HPRP and strengthen its international network in effort to provide legal services covering various fields. For this new partnership, Dentons HPRP intends to rebrand its strengthening position in Indonesia. In the new positioning, the company is not only placed as a well-known law firm but also as a “thought leadership” in various fields of law and business specialization controlled by Partners.


Consultants are tasked with designing approaches and activities that able to encourage the media to positively refer Dentons to HPRP in various fields (for example: trade law, legal issues over certain industry sectors), so that in the long run they can provide positive benefits to Dentons HPRP’s business objectives.

The designed approach will also ensure that media institutions and other stakeholders have a strong understanding of the expertise of the Partners and refer to Dentons HPRP as a strategic partner in making a positive contribution to Indonesia’s development.


Plan to Approach

The consultant designed a key strategy that not only built brand awareness but placed the company as the most referenced law firm in Indonesia. The strategy developed can also increase media awareness of Dentons HPRP which focuses on the expertise possessed by the Partners, so that in turn able to build strong thought leadership in the field of expertise owned.


Implementation of the strategy was carried out through general media activities, with the preparation of articles and editorial opinions that raised the expertise of the Dentons Partners, as well as briefing sessions for the media crew to strengthen their understanding of the skills owned. In specific activities, efforts are directed to build strong thought leadership, through industrial outlook activities and seminars where Dentons HPRP collaborates and puts forward their expertise.


Public media activities are currently being carried out with 10 news articles per month and 1 editorial opinion article per month published by many national online and printed media.


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