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To truly connect with a market, brands must know the right publications to tap, the relevant thought leaders to connect with, and the vernacular to communicate in. We’ll be your partner in implementing initiatives that truly resonate with local audiences.

Marketing Public Relations

Integrated communication for the achievement of marketing goals. PR support of bringing new brands, products or services to the market.

Corporate Communications

Strategic Communication Development. Communication Audit. Stakeholder Mapping. Communication Guidance.

Issue Management and Crisis Handling

Counselling in crisis prevention. Media and Social Media Monitoring 24/7. Standby Statement. Media Intelligent.

Media and Government Relations

Press Relations. Press Release. Media Events. Media Intelligence. Relations with government institutions and regulators. Counselling in government relations. Lobbying.

Content Creation and Digital Leads

Creating social media strategies. Blogging. Vlogging. Podcasting. Getting sales leads from digital.

Training and Certification

Media handling training. Issue management and crisis training. PR writing workshop. Certification.

Public Affairs Services

Communication Blue Print . Master Narrative. Perception Audit. Stakeholder Mapping . Strategic Counsel . Insight Intelligence . Thought leadership / Speaking Opportunity . Communication Guidelines and SOP Development . Issue Advocacy and Strategy . Crisis Communication Handling . Issue Reframing and Public Opinion Engineering . Reputation Management . News Story Write-up . Litigation PR Assistance .

Media Monitoring Service

Daily Media Monitoring . Post-Event Coverage Monitoring . Backtrack Monitoring . Performance on Media Research Analysis . Social Media Listening

Basic Public Relations Service

Press Release Development and Distribution . Press Conference . Media Briefing . Media Group Interview . Media 1-on-1 Interview . Newsroom Visit . Media Junket / Familiarization Trip . Opinion Editorial Article . Collaterals Development: text and graphic .

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