Media Support at the Code of Ethics Workshop and IPMG Ethical Marketing
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Media Support at the Code of Ethics Workshop and IPMG Ethical Marketing


In its development, the code of ethics owned by the International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Group (IPMG) (an association of international pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia) has developed which also includes new issues that have not been previously regulated.


As an industry association, IPMG intends to conduct socialization of updates to the code of ethics to its members. Consultants were assigned to design discussion forum activities that would also involve key stakeholders from the association. The discussion activity was also intended as a “refresher” in IPMG member companies as well as health workers association with the latest code of ethics and ethical marketing in the health service industry. The activity was also intended to provide a platform for industry players and stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and health care sector in Indonesia to discuss and formulate the basis for implementing a code of conduct agreed by all parties.


Plan to Approach

The Imogen Consultant designed the code of conduct socialization activity by consider the needs of the association and the interests of IPMG member companies. With a collaborative approach, Imogen helps the design process and implementation of the discussion forum activities.


In its implementation, the activity was attended by more than 100 professionals representing IPMG member companies and health workers associations, as well as government agencies, health facilities (health facilities) and not least hospital organizations.


Discussions on the activities touched on a number of topics on the implementation of the renewal of the code of ethics, the mechanism of sponsorship in the health industry, as well as the role of the Ministry of Health and the KPK in regulating and overseeing the implementation of the Minister of Health Regulation in the field of sponsorship aimed at health workers.


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