Media Services and Press Release Development for Linde Indonesia

Media Services and Press Release Development for Linde Indonesia

PT. Linde Indonesia (member of The Linde Group) is one of the leading industrial gas suppliers in the country since 1971. The Company manufactures and distributes industrial, specialty and medical gases, and provides a range of related services including the installation of gas equipment, pipelines, on site plants and associated engineering services. Linde Indonesia operates in eight locations across Java region.

During the course of its business operation, the Company has managed to expand the production capacity, leading to their contribution to Indonesia’s manufacturing sector. However, media coverage about Linde Indonesia for past five years remains limited. The situation presents opportunity to boost the Company’s strength in the media, particularly on the gas supply for manufacture industry.

Imogen PR provided assistance to Linde to develop dan further distribute the press release that showcase the Company’s latest investment of establishing gas supply facility for their client, a car tire manufacturer in Bogor, West Java region. The designed press release allowed Linde to highlight their strategic cooperation with the client, as well as carrying positive message on the Company’s contribution towards the growth of Indonesia’s manufacturing sector.

The distribution of press release managed to earn a total of 26 news articles published in 24 online media outlets. Three of those articles were published in English language, including one by, a prominent English-publication in the country. The earned publication had gained the total advertising value of IDR 840,000,000 and total PR value of IDR 2,520,000,000.

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