Media Relations on GP Pharmacy Policy Advocacy

Media Relations on GP Pharmacy Policy Advocacy


GP Pharmacy carries out its function as an association (joint) for Indonesian national pharmaceutical companies. The interests of the national drug industry brought by GP Pharmacy are related to the BPJS Health business scheme which has driven difficulties in the operations of the pharmaceutical company, particularly in the payment of long-lasting drug supply bills.


In this situation, GP Pharmacy commissioned Consultants to design a strategic communication approach that could produce a many coverage to raise the issue of the Health BPJS scheme for payment of medicines to pharmaceutical companies and how the association could encourage the design of a win-win solution which is expected to be able to increase the business of all parties involved in the current scheme.


Plan to Approach

The consultant designed a communication strategy through media approaches arranged to influence policy makers to consider the discourse on business process improvement carried by associations that carry industrial interests.


The Imogen Consultant assisted GP Pharmacy in carrying out several media activities which carried key messages from them. To achieve the desired results, the consultant conducted 3 story pitches to the media on several topics, one compilation of editorial opinions, two exclusive interviews with top management at GP Pharmacy and a media briefing activity involving policy makers and businessman as well as associations of moving journalists on health issues. The briefing activity presented insights and ideas that emphasized key messages to the media.


The approach of story pitch activities, editorial opinion and exclusive interviews, as well as media briefings produces 84 news that carry the key messages that have been designed. The entire activity was able to produce a PR value which was up to Rp 3,446,090,000.


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