Media Relations on Annual Meeting of IMF & World Bank Group 2018
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Media Relations on Annual Meeting of IMF & World Bank Group 2018


Indonesia was appointed as host at the IMF & World Bank Group Annual Meeting in 2018 (October) in Bali. To ensuring the smooth running of the event, the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Finance requires public relations and media services to ensure the delivery of accurate information and the receipt of key messages that have been prepared for the national and international media crews covering the event.


The Imogen Consultant was assigned to be actively involved in handling the media during the 2018 biggest financial event in Bali. The Annual Meeting was held smoothly with around 15,000 people attended, including around 3,500 delegates from 189 member countries, around 1,000 media representatives and 5,000 other participants representing the private sector, the banking community, academic institutions and civil society organizations, and some observers.


Plan to Approach

As part of an integrated and cross-sector national communication team, the Imogen Consultant holds responsibility for the operation of the media center at the venue which provides support services to national and international media crews. In addition, the Consultant also designed an agenda for subsequent implementation by the Indonesian government communication team as the host country, as well as managing number of press conference activities everyday, and handling media needs in general and other information services. The consultant also preparing and distributing press releases to the media.


The Imogen Consultant was contracted through the Pacto Convex Conference Organizer to work under the coordination of the Ministry of Finance’s communication team and has been actively involved since May 2018. Supported by relationships with a strong and wide-ranging media, the Consultant handled the entire event before the Annual Meeting, including in media campaigns, high-level multi-stakeholder events, and Chief Editor meeting, KOL and other influencers.


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