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In Indonesia, ice cream is targeted mainly to children and families. Ice cream with a stick is attributed to children’s food while Magnum does not fit the children’s market due to its size and taste. Awareness through product placement is not enough to push product purchases and sustaining behavior.

What we did

IMOGEN started the effort on a broad scale by arranging Magnum Cafe, leveraging Magnum ice cream as an urban lifestyle that is relevant to adults. Working together with macro-influencers, generating huge excitement and interests of the audiences. IMOGEN also utilizes its vast relation with national and regional media as well as promotion through social media channels.


Magnum has received a great deal of media and social media visibility throughout the campaign. The famous Magnum Cafe also received an enormous amount of visitors with hundreds of people queuing everyday.

Beware of SCAMS!

Beware of SCAMS!
Scams on behalf of agencies are on the rise, they offer easy part-time jobs just click, like and subscribe videos.

That is SCAMS! Ignore and block the number immediately!

Sedang marak aksi penipuan dengan modus atas nama agency menawarkan pekerjaan paruh waktu yang mudah hanya klik, like dan subscribe video.

Itu adalah PENIPUAN ! Abaikan dan segera block nomer tersebut.

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