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Konami E-sport PES In 2018 Asian Games

The Challenge:

In the 2018 Asian Games ESPORTS demonstration competition, KONAMI’s Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2018 became one of the titles of the ESPORTS competition (the first time in the history of the Asian Games). KONAMI also launched the latest version of PES game series titled PES 2019.

KONAMI intended to obtain strong public awareness on their support to the ESPORTS on the Asian Games 2018 and their new product release of PES 2019.  They targeted Indonesian national media, Japanese media and Indonesian PES fans.

The Approach:

Imogen PR with PRAP Japan assisted KONAMI from the strategy into the detail execution of three major  activities, the massive Press Briefing that highlighted KONAMI Supports ESPORTS at Asian Games 2018 (Aug. 24th), the fans community gathering/PES PARTY (Aug. 31st), and the Aftermath Party after the PES 2018 competition (Sep. 1st).

The Results:

Overall the PR activities generated massive positive publication in media (94 articles) and total PR value of USD 185,292. The activities also got very positive remarks in the Indonesian PES fans and in the social media sphere.

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Beware of SCAMS!
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