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Anti Hoax – Imogen PR. Hoax and Fake News in Indonesia is already at critical stage and should be controlled well, not only by the government but by all the people of Indonesia.  This issue was discussed very hot by top notch speakers in Jambore PR Indonesia (JAMPIRO) #3 with theme “Strengthening Public Relations for Our Nation.”

They were Dirjen Kemkominfo Niken Widiastuti, Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), Managing Director Imogen PR Indonesia Suharjo Nugroho (Jojo) and Editor in Chief Tempo Magazine Arief Zulkifli (Azul). On behalf of PR Practitioners in  Asosiasi Perusahaan Public Relations Indonesia Jojo initiate to found #KROSCEK, an Antihoax Squad collaboration project between PR Community, Indonesian Journalist and Supported by the Government.

Anti Hoax Squad; Information System Institution Act

It’s not a new institution but a hub of information system to ban hoax and fake news.  According to what pak Aher said about Journalism Tabayun, this new form also has to posses Tabayun characters : Fathanah (Smart), Shiddiq (Honest), Amanah (Trust) and Tabligh (Convey the Messages). All participants in JAMPIRO appreciate and support this initiative. CEO @PR INDONESIA Magazine Asmono Wikan said he will follow up this #KROSCEK collaborative project. Do you want to contribute ?

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