Igor’s Pastry : Store Opening in Jakarta
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Igor’s Pastry : Store Opening in Jakarta


Igor’s Pastry, a premium Surabaya-based pastry, and bakery decided to open its store in Jakarta. Unfortunately, Igor has to simultaneously compete as there are too many pastry shops with a similar concept in Jakarta. The opening was unsuccessful, and Igor’s is losing its revenue.


What we did

IMOGEN helped Igor’s Pastry by utilizing the means of launching with the socialites and media to further enhance the dynamic brand’s visibility. IMOGEN also generated community engagement through the gathering that incorporates food bloggers as well as food enthusiasts to have their first-hand experience on Igor’s Pastry. Other than that, IMOGEN also helped Igor’s Pastry in digital activation and its database mapping.



The most significant achievements of our versatile cooperation is the broad coverage from top tier bloggers and media. Igor’s Pastry also starts to get into the track, paving its way to the 300% growth revenue

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