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PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Sumatera Utara (Bank SUMUT), founded in 1961, has a positive performance that has led to significant asset growth in recent years. To strengthen its position as a strong institution in dealing with business competition, the Bank of North Sumatra carried out efforts to improve business governance, one of which was in the field (management) of risk mitigation and increased communication capacity at the institution.

The Consultant was assigned to compile a Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) guideline to deal with the communication crisis. To support the implementation of the compiled guidance document, the Consultant also provided them with training and a crisis management simulation. As a refinement of this capacity building, the Consultant also designed training in digital PR and marketing communications.

Plan to Approach

The guidance document was prepared and consider the input from the management of the Bank of North Sumatra which related to institutional values, stakeholder mapping and institutional interests and aligning them with the practice of crisis communication in accordance with industry standards.

In practice, the resulting guideline document is implemented in training events and simulations using cases relevant to business processes and market conditions. The Bank of North Sumatra received a crisis simulation for all employees in the center and various branches.

Following up on the training activities and refinement of the guideline document, the management of the North Sumatra Bank decided to apply the guidelines as a standard applicable to the institution.

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