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BMW wants to give an experience that is different than other Exclusive Licensee Agent(APM) does.

What we did

Through BMW media drive 5 cities with 5 series, BMW and IMOGEN want to introduce BMW products through unconventional new ways. The journalists can directly enjoy driving with BMW to five big cities comfortably.


Through this event, good media relations and broad contact networks were formed. BMW’s position as a premium-class car is solid. The news published illustrates how exciting the experience was for journalists.

Beware of SCAMS!

Beware of SCAMS!
Scams on behalf of agencies are on the rise, they offer easy part-time jobs just click, like and subscribe videos.

That is SCAMS! Ignore and block the number immediately!

Sedang marak aksi penipuan dengan modus atas nama agency menawarkan pekerjaan paruh waktu yang mudah hanya klik, like dan subscribe video.

Itu adalah PENIPUAN ! Abaikan dan segera block nomer tersebut.

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