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About IMOGEN Public Relations


Imogen Public Relations (PR), a leading integrated communication agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia, was founded in 2006. Ranks among the top 5 independent Public Relations agencies in Indonesia, Imogen PR offers a full spectrum of communication services.


We provide integrated and comprehensive solutions in Public Relations, Government Relations, Policy, and Issues management to top-tier clients who demand deep understanding, dynamic strategies, and innovative approaches.


Highly experienced consultants crew Imogen PR with vast expertise across Indonesia’s most prominent industries and public relations arenas. Our deep-rooted connections in both the public and private sectors and the media enable us to help our clients connect with the leaders and audiences they need to have their messages heard.


For about 15 years in the PR industry, we have an extensive network in Indonesia’s communication industry. It includes a nationwide media network, an offline-online influencer network, and a substantial community network from all fields.


Our expertise ranges from strategic communications consulting, media relations, and marketing PR, to the implementation of large-scale PR campaigns, reputation management, public affairs, strategic consulting, and crisis communication.


Imogen PR has completed numerous communications projects in Indonesia and worked with more than 100 clients, including multinational companies, international organizations, state institutions, corporations, and NGOs.


By consulting numerous clients from the corporate sector, we have gained in-depth experience in many industries, including Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, IT & Telecommunications, Real Estate & Development, Finance & Banking, Energy, Oil & Gas, Tobacco, and Consumer Goods (FMCG), Etc.


The agency co-founder, Jojo S. Nugroho, is an accredited communication and Verified Assessor from National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP). As the longstanding Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Public Relations Companies (APPRI), he also played a decisive role in shaping the Indonesian PR landscape.


Imogen PR is a Business and Marketing Institute Consulting Group (BMICG) member, an integrated family of niche consultancies that provide corporate communications, media buying, radio activation, digital advertising, out-of-home media, and business consulting.


Imogen PR became a partner of PROI Worldwide, one of the world’s largest networks of independent communications agencies, since 2016. PROI gathers independent agencies whose founders and owners passionately run their businesses and actively contribute to the profession’s development in their respective markets.


To become an Indonesia Public Relations Company with international standards and a global network.


To exceed client’s expectations by delivering high-quality deliverables with excellent services.
To empower our people to have Public Relations competencies (knowledge, skills, attitude) through continuous learning and development.
To achieve sustainable growth by delivering our core values to stakeholders.


We have a values-based culture that emphasizes professionalism and fun and delivers excellent results for our clients.

INITIATIVE: Imogen team must have the ability to self-start, resourcefulness, and creativity, to introduce new concepts and processes using independent and fresh thought.


COLLABORATION – Effectiveness in working together with colleagues (within own unit and with other teams) and external parties at various levels to solve problems, improve work processes, or accomplish specific tasks. IMOGEN PR is greater than the sum of its parts. By collaborating, cooperating, and supporting each other, we can create exceptional outcomes for our clients. Share and learn to help us all grow our thinking and our skills.


A+ WORK: Being ‘Do More’ and Excellence in factors such as accuracy, completeness, and follow-through on work; Seeks for the opportunity and shows effort to perform beyond expectation. It can be outstanding writing skills, effective media relations, trusted client counsel, reliable back of house support services, or delivering what we promise on time, on budget, and the standard expected of us. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries, never settling for the status quo, and always looking forward.


RESPECT: All of us have a role to play in respecting each other, contributing to a positive culture, and demonstrating enjoyment, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude toward our work. Integrity, concern for the degree of trustworthiness and ethical behaviors, also about consequences of own action to others; Treats others with dignity and respect, and maintains a friendly demeanor; values others’ contributions. Integrity, concern for the degree of trustworthiness and ethical behaviors, also about consequences of own action to others; Treats others with dignity and respect, and maintains a friendly demeanor; values others’ contributions.


ENJOY – If we work hard, then we need to be having fun along the way. To have a good time as part of team and organization; To have a pleasurable and satisfactory time both in self-started activity/situation or participate actively. We are making IMOGEN PR a place where we enjoy coming to work every day to benefit our clients and us.




For 14 years, Imogen PR has been a place where Public Relations Consultants grow their careers. By working in a supportive work environment on clients that include global and local brand leaders, many skilled PR practitioners have flourished at Imogen PR over the years.


We always look out for talented creative communications professionals seeking to advance their careers at the forefront of global communications. We hire creative, inspired, enthusiastic, passionate communications practitioners that stand out in a crowd and deliver for our clients. If you would like to join the team, let us know. Email us hello@Imogenpr.com


Imogen’s internship program offers a minimum of 3 months’ work experience. All of our interns will assist on client projects and be provided with extensive on-the-job learning opportunities during their time with us.


How to apply: Email your cover letter and resume to hello@imogenpr.com
Please include :
Highlight your public relations skill such as Public Speaking, Graphics Design, Photography, Video Editing, Content Creation, Podcasting, Feature Writing.
Your preferred internship dates.
We accept students into the Imogen Internship program: Magang Merdeka, a premium internship program and certification. Please contact hello@imogenpr.com for more details.

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