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About Imogen

Public Relations Agency campaign follows the same narrative structure as epic film and fairy tales. Our client is Luke, and we’re Obi-Wan, furnishing a light-saber to help him defeat the Empire. Our client is Frodo, and we’re Gandalf, wielding wizardry to help him destroy the ring. Our client is Cinderella, and we’re the fairy godmother, casting spells to get her to the ball..

IMOGEN PR operating under BMICG group, a leading brand marketing and communication consultancy group in Indonesia founded in 2001.

We are not the largest in Indonesia but Imogen PR is JUST RIGHT. Because it is The Goldilocks Scenario. Some PR agency are too small to handle your needs, some PR agency are too big to care. Between the PR boutique shop  & multinational PR giants, Imogen is “Just Right”.

Being a local agency is not a weakness. It is our strength. We do know local wisdom, do know how to engage with local people, local media, government, communities much better than multinational PR giants. The challenge of local agency is global networking. Therefore  since 2016, Imogen PR become one and the only Indonesian Partner of PR Organisation International (PROI), the world’s largest partnership of independent PR Firms. For national PR Firms partnership, Imogen also being Chairman of  Indonesian PR Firm Association (APPRI) since 2018.

We have extensive network in Indonesia’s communication industry, and that’s include nationwide media network and both offline – online influencer network,  substantial community network from all fields and also government relations.

That’s why Imogen has proven track record serving clients across industries, from start-up to blue-chip Fortune 500 companies. Imogen PR has become the roster agency for Unilever Indonesia and HM Sampoerna since 2011, supporting corporate, and brand-marketing projects. We did some big government projects such as SEAGAMES Jakarta, 2011 and PON Riau, 2012, and IMF-World Bank media  2018 in Bali.

In 2012, Imogen best-known work for the Unilever’s brand remain the most talk-able campaign, “Magnum Cafe”.  Another winning campaign was Intel First Time Buyer (FTB) Campaign. The campaign was creating a PC demand in secondary cities in Indonesia, which amounts to 30 cities. Both of our initiative campaigns for Magnum and Intel Indonesia were adopted by global because of the success impact.

Last but not least, when you want a tailored PR activity that could do more than just a news coverage, contact us.

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