What Our Hero Said About Us

The addition of Imogen in Indonesia complements a strong offering to clients in ASEAN

Richard Tsang

SPRG Hong Kong, Global Chairman PROI Worldwide 2017

Unilever telah menjalin kerjasama dengan Imogen cukp lama, Imogen punya team media relations yang kuat.

Maria Maria Dewantini Dwianto

Head of Corporate Communications Unilever Indonesia

Imogen telah menjadi PR Agency yang cukup lama di HM Sampoerna, sejak tahun 2010. Sukses mengawal reputasi beberapa event brand di Sampoerna. Very Recommended !

Augustine Leony

(ex) Marketing PR Head PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk.

Imogen PR adalah salah satu team di belakang kesuksesan rejuvinate Magnum Ice Cream

Meila Handayani

Marketing Manager Unilever Indonesia, (ex) Brand Manager Magnum

One of the best workplace that I have seen, nicely decorated and well equipped facility. Offers swimming pool, backyard relaxing area, gymnasium, prayers space for employees.

Hasan Zuberi

Head of Momentum PR and Digital, Pakistan.

Imogen did a very successfull E-Sport media and community event at Asian Games 2018 for Konami, our global client. Arigato!

Tetsuya San

PRAP Japan